Evaluation Rubric

For the Recovery In Action Paper


10% for each of 5 Units and Performance Indicators 50%

*important here is a description of each unit and of how each performance indicator relates to the scenario. Reference to units and performance indicators cited in the body of the paper will not be included in the word count (“C.1.2” for example).


Logical, detailed discussion including EB practices, summary & conclusion 30%

*important here is the presentation of a logical scenario that includes: the application and critique of specific best practices and promising practice; consideration of evaluation/quality assurance processes; as relevant to your scenario, the inclusion of leadership approaches and change processes in implementing/developing recovery oriented systems (note you do not need to be in a leadership position to support change); and, the inclusion of persons with lived experience and loved ones in assessment, planning, recording and intervention processes - including involvement in service design, delivery, evaluation and research.


Appropriate use of supporting literature/references 20%

Articles from academic journals published in the last five years/ Cochrane reviews are expected – Grey literature (reports/policy documents/documents from professional organizations/websites) is acceptable as an addition to the above-required academic articles.


TOTAL 100% ***Note: Applicants must obtain a minimum score of 75% to be considered successful in their submission.