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STEP 1: 

  • First of all you must be a member of PSR/RPS Canada prior to getting your CPRRP. If you aren't already a member, you can register here–Individual Membership HERE.

  • Determine your eligibility.

  • Apply for Certification. (When you become an individual member you create your membership/CPRRP account with PSR Canada’s database. If you are now applying for CPRRP under an organizational membership, you will need to create your own account when you apply for CPRRP.)

    If you already hold the CPRP Certification choose Phase 1. Please click HERE for Phase One. If you are new to the PSR Credentialing process, choose Phase 2.

  • Upload relevant documentation to the PSR Canada database.

    (If there are any concerns regarding the documentation, further evidence may be requested. The Certification Committee provides approval for you to continue the application process. )

  • IMPORTANT: Once you have uploaded the documentation, please email the Registrar to let her know that you have completed the upload and it is ready to be reviewed. (


  • The Registrar will notify you when the Certification Committee approves your eligibility to move forward. (The volunteer Certification Committee usually meets monthly, so approval can take 1-2 months.)

  • Complete the Recovery in Action paper within six months of approval. The Registrar will give you your specific due date is. Paper is graded as pass or fail. CLICK HERE FOR THE EVALUATION RUBRIC.


  • Upon approval by the certification committee, you will purchase Maintenance of Certification for $175.00.
    You need to make this payment after your initial approval, and every three years after in order to maintain your certification.

  • Keep record of your Maintenance of Certification education credits. Learn about Ongoing Requirements HERE.

Application Fees

Application fee: $250 + applicable taxes

If your application is rejected, a refund will be issued, less $75 (including applicable taxes) administration fee. Once you have started the program, no refund will be issued should you decide to withdraw. Should you be required to repeat any component of the program, an administration fee of $75 (including applicable taxes) will be levied to cover the cost of your re-evaluation. Note: prices are subject to change without notice.

Anyone experiencing finical hardship in applying to the CPRRP registration program should contact the Registrar registrar@psrrpscanada.cato make a formal request for alternative financial options.

Total Investment: 

Application Fee: $250.00 (plus taxes) 

Maintenance of Certification Fee: $175.00 (plus taxes)

The Recovery In Action Paper can be written using a scenario provided or from a self-experience and must demonstrate the use of the Competencies.  It is expected the CPRRP designation is one milestone among others on a journey of lifelong learning.