We at PSR/RPS Canada are all about connecting Champions!
Membership is an amazing way to stay in touch with advances in cutting edge Recovery-Oriented practices!

This is for you, if you are a champion interested in integrating Recovery-Oriented Principles into your work.

Perhaps you area part of a like-minded team of champions.


You might feel like you are in the minority in your organization. You believe in recovery and want to integrate the competencies into your work, but you feel alone.

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Either way, join our community of practice.

Connect with people who are also championing recovery in their agencies!

Organizational Membership employees do not require an Individual Membership due to their affiliation with the organization.

(Click here if you would rather apply for membership for your organization.)

Benefits for Individual Membership include:

  • Meets the first step towards being eligible to apply for the CPRRP. (Please refer to the full list of eligibility requirements for CPRRP here for more information)

  • Discounts on PSR/RPS Canada, including chapters & United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PRA) conferences and training events

  • An opportunity to serve on the PSR/RPS Canada Board and committees

  • Voting privileges on PSR/RPS Canada issues and elections

  • Membership with World Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WAPR)

  • Access to the PSR/RPS Canada newsletter

Those purchasing the electronic journal access

  • An e-subscription to the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal (Boston University)

  • An e-subscription to the Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health Journal

Individual Membership with Journal electronic access

$190 CDN plus tax

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Individual Membership

$80.00 CDN plus tax

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Associate Membership

(This offering is for those with limited income who support the mission of PSR/RPS Canada.)

$30.00 CDN plus tax

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