Ideas for Using the Principles and Values Cards


  • Print each of the three pages of these cards on card stock paper if you have that available to you. We recommend using a paper cutter to cut them out.
  • Print a set for all of your staff
  • Post them on a bulletin board
  • Use them as notecards–send encouraging messages to teammates


Use them for a dialogue guide at staff meetings.


Pull a random card from the deck, or go in order if you prefer.

Someone reads one out loud.
(If you have time to prepare before the meeting, locate some further articles on the topic, feel free to distribute. If you have a video on the principle, don’t hesitate to show that as well. PSR Canada is working on creating content on each of the principles and values, so check out our library.)


Ask the following questions. (Be sure to write down what the group comes up with!)

  • How does this Principle/Value show up in our organization? Describe.
  • Part 1: Share a story of an exceptional moment where the spirit of this principle & value shined through. Please don’t be modest. Part 2: How do we harness more of that?
  • What are the ways it is embedded into the vision and mission of our organization? 
  • How does it specifically show up in my/your individual work? 
  • What are some opportunities for growth? How do we go to an even deeper level with this principle/value? There is always room to go deeper.

Print your copy of this document here.