Championing Our Work with the Core Competencies–Webinar

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Upcoming PSR Advanced Practice Webinar! December 15th at 10:30 PST

This webinar production is brought to you in collaboration with PSR Canada. We will be sharing some new and exciting changes in mental health education and practice.

In September 2017, PSR Canada launched a revision of the Core Competencies of Practice for Canadian Recovery-Oriented Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practitioners. The Competencies are used to evaluate performance for organizations and staff practicing with a Recovery-Orientation. Read more about the Core Competencies HERE

The new updated 2017 Core Competencies include the following:

  •  Diversity and Inclusion
  • Professional Skills
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR), Supporting Practices and Recovery-         Oriented Services
  • Equity and Social Participation
  • Facilitating Change and Providing Leadership

As with the previous edition of our competencies (2013) each competency has its own identified set of performance indicators. 

Vicky Huehn (CEO of PSR Canada) will join us as a presenter!
Vicky will begin the webinar, by inviting us to champion PSR and recovery within our individual organizations through obtaining the  Certified Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Practitioners (CPRRP) designation–the first of it's kind in CanadaTo learn more about CPRRP, see the PSR Canada website.