Looking For Input!


We at PSR Canada want to highlight all that great things that are happening in the field of Psychosocial Rehabilitation across Canada.

If you have a story you want to share, or an educational opportunity you would like to let the national community know about–please contact us! 

We are looking for articles that illustrate putting the Core Competencies into practice. 

Some ideas are articles that illustrate the importance of: 

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Implementation of PSR Practices
  • Relationship Building
  • Peer Support
  • Community Inclusion
  • Education
  • Employment

We deeply respect copyright. So we are only accept original articles with original content. If you are citing other people's material, please include your references.

If you have the CPRRP designation, you may be able to get Maintenance of Certification authoring credits for an article! Please contact the Registrar at registrar@psrrpscanada.ca if you want to ask about this opportunity. 

Click the button to submit your article. We look forward to connecting with you!