Happy New Year!


Everyone at PSR/RPS Canada is wishing you the very best for 2019!

We have some amazing things in store for this coming year. One of them is an online community of practice for members.

We thought we’d take a minute and share some wishes for you from PSR/RPS Canada board members and contractors.


Vicky Huehn–Kingston, ON (PSR Canada CEO)

I live in Kingston Ontario where I spent over 33 years working for people with a mental illness and/or addiction as the senior leader in a community agency.  After 'retiring' a few years ago, I dedicated most of my volunteer time to PSR RPS Canada as CEO because I believe in the power of hope, respect and dignity for everyone.  I believe that PSR RPS Canada is the leader in Canada for education on how to implement recovery that is truly individually focused and driven.  

My priorities in life include my two daughters, their husbands, my three grandchildren (#4 due in early May) and my dear friends and other family members. There is nothing more important than the trust and love that fills my life because of them! 

I am looking forward to 2019 with enthusiasm as I dealt with cancer and the treatment regimes which accompanied them in 2018.  Here is a picture of me with my oldest daughter after she ran her half-marathon a few weeks ago in Ottawa and I was able to go and cheer her on.  How blessed am I!

Vicky is on the right.

Vicky is on the right.

Susan Boyce–Vancouver , BC (PSR/RPS Vice President and PSR BC Secretary)


My favourite thing to do during the holidays is at 3-4a.m. on Christmas morning, my younger sister will wake me up just has she has done every year since we were tots.  We will sneak into the living room to see what Santa brought. 

Next we will drink tea in the dark and giggle until everyone else in the house wakes up.  Then it’s Mimosa’s and eggs benny with my famous homemade hollandaise.  This is my favourite holiday tradition! 

I am grateful for the health and happiness of my friends and family this past year.  I look forward to working on great new educational projects with PSR/RPS Canada in 2019.  Happy New Year everyone from Vancouver and Ottawa!



Heather Boyce–Okanagan, BC (PSR/RPS Canada Treasurer and PSR BC Board Member)


Life in the Okanagan BC is peaceful and exciting. Time to view the orchards and vineyards; tai chi by the lake and many ski days on mountain slopes; sharing here a picture from the orchard behind my home.

I enjoy making beeswax candles and creating a centrepiece with fresh boughs of juniper, yew, fir and pine collected in my garden. I give these to friends each year as a message of love and peace. Wishing you a peaceful and joyous New Year!



Sue Carr–Barrie, ON (PSR/RPS Canada Registrar)

headshot for One Degree.jpg

There are so many things I am grateful for in the past year. This year has been a year of many transitions and firsts for me personally and professionally.

In particular I am grateful I am able to provide support to individuals in their professional development, gaining their CPRRP, and taking the time to reflect on the competencies at a personal level. We always have more to learn an areas to improve.

On a more personal note, I am grateful for friends and family who have  supported me through work related transitions (outside my role with PSR  Canada). These transition provided increased flexibility to spend more  time with my 2 horses and 3 cats. I appreciate their ability to keep me grounded, and focused.

Happy holidays and all the best for an amazing 2019!


James Price–Dauphin, MB (PSR/RPS Canada Board President)


My favourite holiday tradition is delivering food to those who are alone. It brings me joy and hope to see smiling faces that are validated and filled with happiness. In so many ways,  my participants give so much more to me than I offer to them. We are all just walking each other back home to Our Creator. 

I am grateful that I am loved even in times of feeling unworthy. My hope for PSR Canada for 2019 is that each and everyone feels welcomed; engaged and empowered; and that validation and unconditional positive regard becomes the way of our journey for each and everyone! I start to heal when I am heard. Let the trumpets of PSR sound aloud!


Hazel Meredith–Victoria, BC (PSR/RPS Canada Board Member)


This holiday season, I was enjoying baking with my family.  Children add that special something...Especially “Smarties” on baking :). I’m hoping that this upcoming year will be extra kind to all of you.

And I hope that more people with mental health concerns can gain increased access to quality recovery-oriented services with PSR evidence based practices as championed by PSR/RPS Canada. Will you be achieving the CPRRP designation this year? Check it out on our website. Let’s champion recovery. 


Jean Laforge–Windsor, ON (PSR/RPS Canada Board Member)


My favourite family holiday tradition is serving Christmas Dinner Newfoundland Style which my children and grandchildren love and now help me to prepare as they would like to continue the tradition. Having two grandsons 19 and 22 years old in the kitchen helping because they want to learn how it is done was amazing and the highlight of my Christmas.

I am grateful for the love and good health of my family and friends and holding fond memories of family members and dear friends who passed away this year and recognizing how wonderful it was to be a part of their lives even if their time was cut short.

My wishes for PSR Canada for the upcoming year are that the principles and values of PSR Canada will continue to be developed and used both nationally and provincially in the best interest of all the people we serve.  This would mean many more certifications and education for people working in health and mental health.  It would be great to see more people become interested in this wonderful endeavour.


Ann Marie MacIntire (PSR/RPS Canada Board Member)


It has been exciting for me to meet people from all across Canada and watch the development and uptake of the guiding principles and competencies of PSR Canada over the last year and the work on creating space for PWLE (People With Lived Experience) opportunities for voices to be heard and experience valued as PSR/RPS Canada has been working on with initiatives like Pathway 4. 

It is inspirational to know that more and more people are becoming aware of the CPRRP across Canada, and PSR/RPS Canada is influencing quality in mental health services . 

I hope for PSR Canada is that it continues being part of of the cutting edge advancements with things like more education and online trainings with ease of access.  I wish for more  connections throughout many provinces in Canada that PSR/RPS competencies can be learned about grown and implemented nationwide. Recovery concepts are powerful, and my hope is that more of Canada will jump on board and support the advancements of such evidence based and evidence informed concepts.

Look forward to connecting with others and expanding PSR/RPS Canada in such exciting Recovery work in 2019.


Jenn Cusick–Abbotsford, BC (PSR/RPS Canada Communications)


I’m grateful for many things in 2018. A highlight from the year was adopting a lovely, gentle Siamese kitten, who has now become a full-on family member. I got to visit Manitoba (and sit by the gorgeous lake in this picture) to lead a WRAP facilitator training for PSR Manitoba. I also had the opportunity to give a keynote address for a conference in Sacramento for Mental Health America.

I am very grateful for the work I get to do with PSR Canada. The mission is one that I can fully get behind. I love sharing the message of recovery! This work has personally transformed my life in every way possible!

In 2019 I am excited to support the new community of practice we are developing for PSR Canada.

I believe that we each have so much to contribute to this mission. Connecting through intentional communication is a way to create an intimate community of champions within Canada. I’m excited to see PSR Canada grow. Happy New Year!

PSR/RPS Canada’s other board members also send you their well wishes!

Dorothy Edem (Secretary)–Nova Scotia

Dr. Pierre Beausjour–Quebec

Laurence Caron (Association Quebec Réadaptation Psychosociale), Quebec

Dr. Regina Casey–British Columbia

John Higenbottam–British Columbia

Katherine Stewart–Ontario