Systems transformation

Reference: William A. Anthony Article


It's hard to believe that this article is 25 years old! However, it has more than held up. The message of this paper is still of key importance in the work we do as recovery-oriented organizations. 

William A. Anthony was a front-runner, and a major leader in the PSR movement. His work made huge impact on what we do now, and continues to impact the PSR movement. 

Find the article "Recovery from mental illness: The guiding vision of the mental health service system in the 1990s" Here. 

On a google search I found this video from 2001 on YouTube. It's a talk with Dr. Courtney Harding, Dr. William Anthony, Judi Chamberlin & Dr.  Marianne Farkas. What a gift to hear from all of these revolutionary leaders!

 (Judi Chamberlin passed away in 2010. She was at the forefront of the Consumer/Survivor Movement since the early 1970s, and continued to make a huge impact until her death.) 

In the video Dr. Farkas takes about implementing recovery on a systems level. She says that a recovery system needs to have a culture that supports recovery, a commitment to recovery, and the capacity for delivering recovery services. In 2018, how do you feel the system is doing with culture, commitment and capacity? What is going well? What are some opportunities for growth?  

The message is as relevant for today, as it was then. It's definitely worth a watch!