Core Principles and Values Cards

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The core beliefs of how we can support others on their wellness & recovery journey are embedded into the PSR/RPS Canada Principles and Values. Whether or not you know a lot about PSR, it's very likely that these principles are embedded in your work. 

We always have room for growth. There is always opportunity to dig deeper in our understanding of serving others in our work. 

We at PSR/RPS Canada created these cards for you to print out. 

Here are some ways you can use them in your workplace: 

  • Print a set for each staff member
  • Post them on the wall
  • Use them as notecards–send encouraging messages to teammates
  • Pull a card at a staff meeting and spend at least 15 minutes digging into that principle


If you chose to use them at staff meetings, these are some dialogue questions you can ask your team: 

How does this Principle/Value show up in our organization? 

What are the ways it is embedded into the vision and mission of our organization? 

How does it specifically show up in my/your individual work? 

What are some opportunities for growth? How do we go to an even deeper level with this principle/value? 


Download the Cards: 
Page One
Page Two
Page Three

Click here for the instruction guide.