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About Us
PSR/RPS Nova Scotia Chapter was founded in November 2004. It is an organization of individuals and organizations committed to the provision Recovery-Oriented and Psychosocial Rehabilitation services to support the recovery of persons living with serious mental health issues. It is a collaborative partner and Chapter of the National Association - Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR/RPS) Canada.

PSR/RPS Nova Scotia Chapter’s membership included agencies, practitioners, consumers and interested parties from Nova Scotia who support Recovery-Oriented and Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Members from other Atlantic Provinces (Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) are welcome to participate in the activities of the Chapter once approved as members of PSR/RPS Canada.

We welcome you to become a member and join us in promoting quality Recovery-Oriented and Psychosocial Rehabilitation services and the recovery of individuals with serious mental health issues.


Our Purpose


  1. To promote Recovery-Orientation in Nova Scotia through the use of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practices.
  2. To support and provide education/ training opportunities to individuals and organizations for the advancement of Recovery-Orientation and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practices.
  3. To promote research in Recovery-Orientation and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practices.
  4. To serve as a vehicle for knowledge dissemination, networking, and communication.


Board Members

Dorothy Edem (President) 
Cathy Stevens (Vice President)
Carole Bethune (Treasurer)
Linda McCormick (Secretary)
Valerie Davis


Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to contact us about any question you may have about our chapter.



History of PSR Nova Scotia Chapter

PSR/RPS Nova Scotia Chapter was initiated at a founding development meeting in November of 2004 in Truro, NS. About 134 people participated in that education and networking day. At that meeting participants supported the development of an Atlantic Chapter of PSR-RPS Canada. In attendance were the then president and vice president of PSR RPS Canada – Carole Eaton and Vicky Huehn

The founding members of the Chapter included Linda Alderson, Donna Pineo, Dorothy Edem, Avis Faulkner, and Janice MacKillop. Linda Alderson took on the role of the president of the interim board of directors. The interim board initiated the chapter activities including work around increasing and maintaining membership in Atlantic Canada, developing and coordinating conferences and educational opportunities, advocating for persons with serious and persistent mental illness, and promoting PSR and Recovery in Atlantic Canada.
In June 2005, PSR Atlantic Chapter hosted a PSR Canada National Conference in Halifax. This was the first time PSR Canada conference was held in the Atlantic Provinces. The conference was a great success and a sold out with 350 participants including forty consumers.

The first AGM of the Atlantic Chapter was held at the National Conference in Halifax, June 2005. At that time a board was selected to coordinate the activities of the chapter. The board of directors included Donna Pineo (President), Dorothy Edem (Vice president and treasurer), Avis Faulkner (Secretary) and Linda Alderson as the past president. The following year, Janet McBean, Garry Wilson, and Cathy Stevens joined the board.

In 2006, the name of the chapter was changed to PSR/RPS Nova Scotia and membership is welcomed from the other three Atlantic Provinces.
In June 2007, PSR/RPS Nova Scotia Chapter celebrated the success of its first inaugural biannual conference “Supporting Choices for Wellness and Recovery”. Over 200 participants attended the conference including forty-two consumers. Key note speakers included Patricia Deegan, Keri-Lynn Calp and Ardath Whynaught.

PSR Nova Scotia continues to offer an inspiring and informative conference every two years.

PSR Nova Scotia continues in its effort to promote recovery-oriented and psychosocial rehabilitation practices in Nova Scotia.