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Launch yourself into 2018– feeling grounded! 


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When we are in a role of serving others through our work, we can find ourselves giving more than we are replenishing.

Our energy drain can be compared to a tire with a slow leak, the tire still works, but over time it becomes much less efficient, and even dangerous...

We want to support you in your personal journey of self-care. 

Providing high quality service to others, starts right within each of us.
When we work on our own wellness, we are in a better position to provide support to others.  

We at PSR Canada are committed to supporting high quality care in every capacity.
That desire led us to create this Self-Nourishment Challenge. 


In the Competencies of Practice for Recovery-Oriented Practitioners, competencies B.3 & B.4 say:

  • B.3 Maintains personal wellness to assure the effective provision of services to others
  • B.4 Assures competence through life-long learning and on-going professional development

So what is this challenge? 

You will get regular emails that will provide a link to read the entry on a private page on our website. You will only be able to access the page with a password we will provide you. (We ask that you keep your password private. Please don't share it with others who have not signed up for the challenge.) There will be opportunity to have dialogue on the page, if you wish.)

  • The challenge will span 4 weeks beginning February 19th.
  • Each week you will receive 2 or 3 emails on a topic. Emails will include encouragements for you to take action. You will have the choice of tracking your journey in a personal journal (we will provide you with the link to print your journal on the first day of the challenge).  
  • You will receive a downloadable digital workbook. 
  • You can spend as much, or as little time on this as you wish. To get the most out of the challenge, it's recommended that you set aside 30 - 45 minutes a couple times a week to read the entries and to spend some time reflecting on them. You can choose to reflect while going on a walk, sipping coffee in a quiet, relaxing space, or even taking a few minutes of quiet time on your lunch break. ) 

Who is this challenge for? 

Everyone is welcome. However the content is written for those who are practitioners in the mental health and addictions field.  The content will have application for anyone though!

What are the topics of this challenge? 

  1. Where am I right now?
  2. How do I want to feel?
  3. Creating space for what is important to me.
  4. The practice of self-compassion.
  5. Integrating Wellness Tools into my life.
  6. Stress and Triggers.
  7. Appreciative living.
  8. Wrap-up.

Prior to the start of the challenge you will receive a link to download a digital workbook designed specifically for the challenge. 

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  • Where am I right now? This is the opportunity to take stock of where your overall wellness is right now. You will be able to see where you are strong and take note of your opportunities for growth. 
  • How do I want to feel? We often think of the future in terms of goal-planning. What if instead we shifted our thinking to more of a vision focus? How do I want to feel every work, at home? Do I value joy, peace, freedom, play? This module will be an opportunity to dig in and think about how you really want to feel. 
  • Creating space for what is important to me. We pack our lives with so many things. How can we take care of our own health and wellness if we don’t make it a priority? This module will be based on Stephen Covey's Four Quadrants. 
  • The practice of self-compassion. We all know that extending kindness and compassion to ourselves is important, but how often do we instead find ourselves dealing with our inner critic. This module will be based on the research of Dr. Kristin Neff. 
  • Integrating Wellness Tools into my life. The concept of Wellness Tools comes from the WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) program. This module will be all about intentionality around keeping ourselves well. We will cover some wellness basics and include a worksheet for people to create a plan for themselves.
  • Stress and Triggers. What happens if we shift our thinking about stress? When we begin to pay attention to our thoughts, choices, and language about stress, we can change how we are affected by it.

    Pre-identifying our triggers can have a profound impact on how we deal with them. In this module we will look at what our triggers are and create action plans to deal with them. 

  • Appreciative living. We will look at our worldview and how implicit personal biases can create conflict. When we live in a problem/deficit-based paradigm it can zap motivation and destroy connection, whereas a strengths-based approach can build strong, inspired communities.

    Instead of taking on a “problem-solving” approach to life (which keeps us stuck in a problem–focused paradigm), focusing on moving towards where we want to go feels lighter.

  • Wrap-up. How can we integrate all of this into our personal practice and our work?

As mentioned above, we at PSR Canada believe that high quality service to others, starts right within each of us.

The work we do in mental health and addictions is all-encompassing, and can be demanding on our personal wellness reserves. We at PSR Canada encourage the cultivation of organizational culture that supports self-care for the practitioner, as PSR is only as effective as the infrastructure, and staff who provide the service. 


We also believe that this challenge will give you some tools that you will be able to integrate into the work you do with the people you support, although we do encourage you to put that on the back-burner, as self-care is the main goal. 

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